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Manage vesting, lockups, airdrops, and global payroll with automated withholdings and compliance for every country.
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Go from pre-launch planning to global token distributions

Save 20+ hours per month by combining token vesting and lockups, airdrops, token grant agreements, tax withholdings, and global payroll all in one platform.

Automated token vesting and lockups

Pay stakeholders across employee vesting, investor unlocks, community grants, and airdrops. We support combined vesting and lockups to ensure your setup fully matches your legal agreements.

Token comp and payroll in 180+ countries

From a Berlin-based contractor to 20 FTEs in Singapore, process payroll and token grants with a partner who understands crypto.

Token tax withholding calculations

Sync HR systems like Rippling, Gusto, Justworks, etc. for real-time, accurate token tax withholdings. Or use KPMG’s International Tax Engine to calculate tax withholdings for employees in any country.

Token grants for each country

Issue, sign, and manage token grants tailored to local labor and tax rules. Organize all your records and documents in one place for easy access.

Employer of Record for token distributions

All your token tax withholdings handled through one crypto-native partner. Avoid the headache of stitching together multiple vendors and processes.

Flexible distribution methods

Distribute via smart contracts, multi-sig wallets, or institutional custody providers—including Safe, Coinbase Prime, Fireblocks, and Anchorage.
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Token vesting, cliffs, lockups

Automate your token releases so your employees and investors always get their tokens on time.

Automatically process tax withholdings with every payout

Stay compliant with local tax rules when issuing tokens, incorporate real-time token prices into payroll reports, and avoid miscalculations that lead to surprise end-of-year tax bills.
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Hire and compliantly issue token grants worldwide

We've done the homework for you. Liquifi simplifies your token compliance and tax reporting for every jurisdiction.

Audited by trusted firms

Tested security to give peace of mind to your team, investors, and stakeholders.
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Macro is trusted by leading industry names in DeFi and Crypto.
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Smart contract, off-chain, networking, and front-end audits to enhance dApp security.
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Sherlock provides security reviews from top auditors backed by smart contract coverage.
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SOC 2 certified

End-to-end security to ensure your data is safe and secure.

For crypto companies of any size

We offer the leading token management solution that scales with your business.

Finance and HR

Whether you have a team of 2 or 1000 all over the world and 100+ investors, our automated token vesting and crypto-focused HR platform saves you time, effort, and prevents costly mistakes.


Navigate the token launch process with a trusted partner that supports you every step of the way. Set up your token operations for success with the right partner from day one.

Employees and Investors

Track all your token grants and investments. Never lose sight of your tokens and get notified when tokens unlock and are ready to claim.
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