Frequently asked questions

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Can I use Liquifi without a token?
Of course. Liquifi is great for setting up your team's token plans and fiat payroll prior to launching a token. We'll help you create and manage your token plans so you and your team's token vesting details are accurate and ready to be delivered when your token launches.
Do you support custom vesting schedules?
Yes! Our system unifies and automates any vesting & lockup schedule—both standard and custom.
Coming soon: vesting schedule templates and built-in milestone-based vesting.
Does Liquifi help with pre-TGE planning?
Yes, in fact, it’s best to start your Liquifi journey at this stage.

Our experts give guidance on allocation types, grant programs, withholdings obligations, 83b elections, and offer discounted rates to exclusive partners throughout the token launch process including market makers, foundation entity partners, tax accountants, law firms, custody providers, launchpads, and more.

We support you on all aspects from ideating and setting up your token plans, tracking the plans on our platform, securing operational partners, and use cases like Points programs and airdrop campaigns.
How many stakeholders can I add?
Unlimited! Liquifi works just as well for small companies (1-30 stakeholders) as it does for large companies (+1,000 stakeholders).

We support projects with 40K+ stakeholders across their entire ecosystem of community members and contributors. Across TGE, token distributions post-launch, and multiple airdrop campaigns.
What blockchains do you support?
Liquifi’s supports all major blockchains including Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, BNB Chain, Arbitrum, Optimism, Ronin, EON, and Scroll.

Custodian-supported chains include Solana, Cosmos, Celo, Manta, Root, Berachain, Shardeum, and more.

Coming soon: native asset support for every chain.
What wallets do you support?
We support all major wallet providers: Metamask, Rabby, Rainbow, Gnosis Safe, Ledger, Trezor, Phantom, Coinbase Wallet, and more through WalletConnect.

We also offer walletless and account abstraction options powered by and ZeroDev.
What institutional custody providers do you support?
We support institutional custody providers including Coinbase Prime, Anchorage, and Fireblocks.

Coming soon: BitGo
How does pricing work?
Our pricing plans start at $600 per month and with variables like number of stakeholders and feature add-ons. Please reach out to sales for specific pricing plans!
What payroll providers do you integrate with?
ADP, Justworks, Gusto, Deel, Remote, Sequoia, Insperity, Tri-Net and more.

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