April 20, 2022

Introducing Liquifi, Token Vesting and Cap table Solution for web3

See how LiquiFi can help you streamline your token operations so you can rest confidently and focus on your core business.

Tokens are a new technology driving innovation in organization design, distribution of protocol ownership, and new incentive structures. This new digital asset class is growing exponentially in usage and adoption. Total crypto market capitalization hit $3.3 trillion towards the end of 2021, up from $800 billion less than a year before. The adoption of tokens in companies has especially affected founders, finance, and operations leaders. Without proper tools or guidance, you are left to figure out token management on your own.

Company leaders spend countless hours inefficiently distributing tokens to employees and investors. Using Excel spreadsheets and other ill-suited tools to track vesting schedules leads to costly transfer mistakes. Not being able to sell tokens due to missed or delayed transfers disproportionately impact your most valuable employees. See how LiquiFi can help you streamline your token operations so you can rest confidently and focus on your core business.

Audited Vesting Contracts

Automatically distribute tokens based on your vesting schedules without writing custom smart contracts and manually transferring tokens. Set up vesting schedules matching any vesting plans you need. No more using spreadsheets to see how many tokens you have to transfer and manually executing each token transfer transaction individually. Cliffs and lockups help you manage your token performance with long-term incentive alignment for your stakeholders and community. You can also better manage token performance by minimizing concentrated sell-offs and flooding the market with liquidity. Using our audited smart contracts means you get to token launch faster and minimize time and resources spent on costly audits and writing custom smart contracts.

Weighted, Non-Linear, and Custom Vesting Schedules

Set up your token grants and vesting schedules exactly how you want them, even if the number of tokens changes per period. Front-weighted vesting? Back-weighted? Different amounts of tokens that vest every month or every quarter? We support all these use cases and can support any type of custom vesting schedule you need. Set up your vesting schedules to create the right long-term incentives and better retain your employees and token holders.

Track your Token Vesting Schedules

Monitor and stay up to date with your token vesting schedule. See which token unlocks are coming up and track which tokens you’ve already received - all automated for you without lifting a finger. Provide employees and investors more visibility into their tokens and vesting schedules. Greater transparency provides more confidence and peace of mind to all your stakeholders. Minimize valuable time spent by CEOs and founders answering administrative questions for token distributions. No more responding to questions like, “Have you sent these tokens yet?” or “When is the next token distribution coming?” Create a more convenient system of record and interface for claiming tokens instead of complex Etherscan interfaces.

Built-in Tax Compliance

Avoid costly mistakes with tax compliance, tracking and calculating your payroll taxes from token distributions. Stay on top of tax compliance and financial reporting using LiquiFi to manage your token vesting distributions and token tax withholdings. Manually going through your token transactions for each employee takes a significant amount of time and causes a high risk of tax calculation errors. Automatically track your token wages with reports to help you manage your tax compliance. Withhold tokens built into our solution to minimize the complexities of managing payroll taxes.

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Robin Ji
Founder and CEO of Liquifi